In its 5 years, my podcast, Daddy Squared, has become the leading LGBT Parenting podcast in the USA and around the world. The podcast climbed the download charts of over 40 countries, won awards, and Alex and I were invited to participate in a Primetime TV show on ABC.

My theory is that you don't need to spend a lot of money or hire professionals in order to produce a high-quality, profitable podcast. With my guidance, you can do it all by yourself.

Hi, I’m Yan

I've been the producer and co-host of Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast since 2018. I came to podcast production as part of my evolution as content creator. It combined my experience in radio production, writing, and interviewing, and my skills in web design and development.

My career in communications spans over two decades and I've been dipping my feet in every type of media. Since I moved to the United States in 2009 I've worked as a Hollywood foreign press correspondent and written for a few US-based magazines. Most recently, after studying Design Communication Arts at UCLA, I've been working in developing online presence and communities for nonprofit organizations.


Picking a subject and developing a format and a template that will guide you through production.


Planning episodes, preparing for guests, recording and editing tools and practices.


Preparing episodes for upload, hosting and website maintenance and promoting your podcast.

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Learn to Create a Network-Quality, Globally-Distributed Podcast like 'Daddy Squared'

'Daddy Squared' started in 2018 following a blog that I ran by the same name. Fast forward 5 years, the podcast has hundreds of thousands of listeners, has climbed the Top 40 Family Download Charts of Apple Podcasts in the US, UK, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Nigeria (!), Germany, Belgium and France. Gay magazines wrote about it in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France. A US magazine listed it in the top 5 podcasts to 'curl up with' on Valentine's Day and more.

When ABC's casting people contacted Alex and me about participating in The Parent Test, it was pretty clear to me that Daddy Squared had managed to cross over to the mainstream.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Not for vanity. Though I'm proud of the success of Daddy Squared, especially because I did it almost entirely by myself (developing, producing, editing and marketing). I came to realize that whether people start podcasts with significant budgets or - more often - with no budget at all, my experience can help you build something powerful and avoid burn-out.

In this class I've combined everything I've learned about podcast-making over the past five years. All of this is based on my experience working in the media, in community management, and in content creation.